How you can Help the Arts, and Kansas

The recent total elimination of the Kansas Arts budget by the Governor’s Office, has left the State without any support whatsoever, but, further, set a dangerous precedent.- 

How you can help:

- Visit the Kansas Arts Commission (http://arts.ks.gov/), and let them know you value the Arts, and think the State of Kansas must have an Arts budget and a functional Arts Council to be able to benefit its citizens, the Kansas economy, and from Federal and private funds.-

- Support @KSCits4arts, a citizen group focused in the reinstatement of a workable and healthy Arts climate in Kansas. Follow them on Twitter (twitter.com/kscitizens4arts), and listen in on their publicly available conference calls, discussing Arts issues of local and national significance.-

- Use the #KSarts and #cutnoart hashtags in your tweets and social media. Every single bit helps, and public awareness will have the political actors responsible for these egregious cuts to the artistic life in Kansas, reconsider.-

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